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Barkday Cake

Surprise Cake

Surprise Cake

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Like twisting the knob of a gumball machine, you'd never really know what design you are going to get! 

What is a surprise cake?

A surprise cake is for the adventurous at heart! Or if you just have no idea what cake design to choose from! Exploring the boundaries between art and cake designs led to the conception of the Surprise Cake; which I thought would be a rather interesting product if you're up for it!

NOTE: By selecting this option, you agree to give me complete creative control over the design of the cake or receive any cake from my menu priced $88 onwards. Come with no expectations please; if you have something specific in mind, please consider a full custom order instead.

Please keep in mind that I do not accept colour or style requests, but I will consider the gender of your pet when designing the cake.

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