About Mel

Gaeas & Mel

Hello, I'm Mel and this is Gaeas, our adopted mongrel who was found in Sungei Gedong Camp when he was just a little pupper! He's been the spark and inspiration behind this dog cake and treat baking endeavours here at Barkday Cake.

The journey of Barkday Cake began in 2019 when I decided to bake the first batch of barkcake and pupcakes for Gaeas and some of his furry friends.

Little did I know that this curiousity would eventually lead me down the path of making and sculpting pet cakes for other furkids to enjoy and officially began selling these bakes in 2020.

As someone who enjoys learning and discovering new things, I spent a great deal of time experimenting with different techniques and tools to achieve the details you see on my cakes.

Art to me has always been a form of expression, and I am glad that Barkday Cake has given me the space to explore my creativity and challenge the norms of traditional pet cake designs.

I regard each cake I create as a masterpiece, a work of art. Every cake to me is like a canvas waiting to be painted. And nothing encourages me more than knowing that both owners and pets get to enjoy these creations while celebrating life's little moments and milestones together.