1-to-1 Private Pet Cake Making Course

Hi there, I am Mel.
Pet cake artist and owner of Barkday Cake.

I have been making pet cakes for awhile now and I believe I have gained much experience from my pet cake making journey to share my knowledge and expertise to support you in developing the foundations and creating your own personal style in pet cakes.

Our 1-to-1 sessions are ideal for clients seeking a private and personalised programme catered to what they wish to learn. 

The intent of private sessions is to provide a personalised learning experience where clients can further enhance their skills and receive direct coaching and immediate feedback at the same time. Prior cake decorating experience is a bonus, but not mandatory, as our sessions can be tailored to our clients' specific needs.

Rates are $150USD/hour for online or in-person sessions and consultations. For international clients, kindly note that rates are not inclusive of any PayPal or TT administrative charges.

Sessions will usually be facilitated on weekdays between Mondays - Thursdays, but arrangements can be made for weekend engagements if client is able to plan ahead of time.

You may contact me via WhatsApp or email to share your current level of experience and needs, I will ask some questions so we can further discuss how I can support you on your journey. If you are keen to proceed, a programme outline will also be provided to you.

For international clients, do contact me at least 5 - 8 weeks ahead of your trip to Singapore to ensure we can find a common time to accommodate your schedule. Online sessions can be arranged but there will be limitations as I will not be able to engage or guide you physically with your creation.


“Mel cleared the smallest of doubts. She broke down each concept very well. And gave me a well rounded knowledge on how to create master pieces as well as shoot pictures.”

- Client’s feedback after three days of private sessions

"... all those cool tips and tricks you shared were a game-changer for me. I'm already putting what I learned to good use, and my pet cakes are looking way better."

- Client's feedback after a private workshop